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Our studios and offices are located in the Historic Barringer Building (c. 1903) which is located at the corner of Main and Washington Streets on South Carolina’s Main Street.

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The City Municipal Garages are cheap and convenient – there are three within a block of our studios.

There is limited, metered street parking on Main Street and the adjacent streets. If you are visiting us for a brief period of time or are visiting after 5:30 in the evening on weekdays or any time on weekends, the meters may be an option. However, if you do not find a space in our block or are going to be visiting for an extended period of time, we highly recommend utilizing the Municipal Garage located directly behind the Marriott hotel. The entrance to the garage is mid-block on Sumter Street between Hampton and Washington Streets. It is an easy half-block walk to our building and in inclement weather you can utilize the second-level skybridge to access the Marriott lobby and exit to Main Street. Even during events, spaces are plentiful in this garage.

We do not recommend using the Meridian Building garage immediately behind our building off Washington Street. It is a private garage that not only is more expensive than the Municipal Garages, after business hours access is restricted and you may not be able to get to your car.

There is bus parking along Washington Street and in the loading zone mid-block on Main Street between Lady and Washington Streets.

Walking or Biking

Our location on South Carolina’s Main Street makes it ideal to walk or bicycle to visit us. On all but the most inhospitable days, we are a comfortable walk from most downtown Columbia areas, including the University of South Carolina and the Vista hotels and restaurants. If you choose to bicycle, there is a sturdy bicycle rack located near our front door.

 When You Get to the Barringer Building

Our entrance is just down from the Main and Washington corner. It is right next to CIRCA 1332 menswear and has a prominent concrete wheelchair ramp.

Find WXRY on the security panel and dial our offices

The Barringer Building is secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using the security panel to the left of the door, find WXRY in the directory and call our offices. We will then unlock the right hand door. Take the elevators (or stairs) to the second floor. We are right next to the elevators.

Currently, our office hours are 3:30 to 7:00 weekday afternoons.