Pierce Edge selfie with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl

Update: Less than 24 hours after winning at life onstage with the Foo Fighters, Pierce Edge spent some time talking with us in the WXRY studio! If you missed the radio broadcast, catch the full on-air interview + (bonus!) behind the scenes chat in this unedited Facebook Live video pinned to the top of our Facebook page. If you are outside of our broadcast area, listen live 24/7 on the web and via the TuneIn Radio App.

Columbia, SC
19-year-old Foo Fighters fan Pierce Edge, a student at University Of South Carolina, made a sign, and brought it along with him to see a Foo Fighters concert at Colonial Life Arena on Tuesday October 27, 2017, marking the first time the Foo Fighters have ever played in Columbia, South Carolina in their 22-year-long career. “My bad!” said frontman Dave Grohl, promising “We WILL come back… If YOU come back!”

While enjoying 21 of the band’s planned 22 song setlist, Edge held his message high, eventually catching the band’s attention. Edge’s sign, which Grohl read to the crowd, asked “CAN I PLAY DRUMS ON “UNDER PRESSURE” BY QUEEN?” referring to the 1981 hit by Queen & David Bowie. Grohl noted “I probably should have made my own f*ckin’ sign saying ‘I don’t know – f*ckin’ CAN you… PIERCE?”

Image courtesy of and copyright Pierce Tracy Edge
Pierce gets a stage selfie with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl after performing “Under Pressure”.

The band had just played “Dirty Water” from their latest album “Concrete and Gold,” after returning to the stage for what was to be a two song encore. According to the setlist, “Dirty Water” would be followed by fan favorite “Everlong” from the 1997 album “The Colour and the Shape”. Covering “Under Pressure” between the two songs was a spontaneous decision by frontman Dave Grohl, who called to Edge in the crowd, asking “Do you actually know what to do? You do? You do. You know the song? Get your ass up here!”

Edge wasted no time joining the band on stage, introducing himself to the crowd with just his first name: Pierce, with “Hi, Pierce!” coming back from the audience. Edge amused everyone (except you, Mr. Booing Solo Clemson Guy, wherever you are) with an enthusiastic “Go Cocks!” While Grohl appeared entertained, if briefly taken aback, Edge’s cheer drew a roar of approval from the thousands gathered in Colonial Life Arena, the home court venue for both University of South Carolina’s 2017 SEC Championship-winning basketball teams. Grohl dispatched Edge to Taylor Hawkins’ drumkit with a cheeky warning to not “sh*t the bed in your hometown.”

Image courtesy of and copyright Pierce Tracy Edge
No “Pressure”! Pierce’s viewpoint from the Foo Fighters stage.

As Edge took his place on the platform, Grohl requested a sample beat from the young drummer with an energetic “Pierce! Give us something real quick so we can see what you’ve got!” The clearly overjoyed teenager played a short (and honestly, pretty impressive) drum solo, transitioning seamlessly to kicking in the “Under Pressure” opening rhythm. Grohl, delighted, said “Look at the balls on this kid! Let’s hear it for PIERCE! Come on, GIVE IT TO HIM!” Edge handled the beat made famous by Queen drummer Roger Taylor with near perfection, winning roars of approval from the audience. Even you, Mr. Booing Solo Clemson Fan Guy, wherever you are: We saw you lead those seated around you in joining the standing ovation for Pierce Edge. Judging by the audience reaction and asurge of social media conversation, Pierce Edge won more than just cheers from the audience. He very rightfully won the hearts of every person in the house, that night.

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