“Wait, WXRY is a nonprofit? The Independent Alternative station? 99.3 FM?! I LOVE that station!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard those words. My reply is always the same: “Close… WXRY is actually a service of the Independent Media Foundation, which is an arts, culture, and humanities nonprofit.”

I know, right?

But, it’s true! We say it on the air: WXRY is community- and listener-supported public radio. We do play awesome music – that’s definitely true – in addition to actively sponsoring, supporting, and participating in fundraisers, projects, and events which benefit both our community and our fellow non-profit organizations.

We rely on contributions from people like you – yes, you there! Reading this post right now! – to help us continue supporting and encouraging the ongoing development of our vibrant community of artists, makers, creators, dreamers, and music fans.

Crowd photo from a ticket-winning listener

Columbia is so much more than a broadcast area for us; it’s our home and our community, so every dollar donated will stay right here in the Midlands to help us serve our community.

Please consider giving to WXRY on Tuesday May 2, 2017, our one-day 24 hour giving day, and thank you for supporting Columbia’s Independent Alternative!

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