Our Marketing Director wanted us to have you run naked down South Carolina’s Main Street to win Blink-182 tickets. Thankfully, we came up with a few other ideas for how you can win tickets this week at WXRY. We’re sending ten people and their guests to see Blink-182 at North Charleston Coliseum on Wednesday, courtesy of Columbia’s Independent Alternative and our friends at Live Nation. Here’s how you win.

Not what you have to do to win tickets!

This Monday and Tuesday, tune in at Noon when Shives will take our 182nd caller for Blink-182 tickets. It’s the most ridiculous radio contest ever… and it might take a while. Just get your dialing fingers handy and wait for Shives to start playing Blink-182 at 12:00. Be our 182nd caller and you win.

Not an android? Just listen for our Blink-182 song of the day this Monday and Tuesday morning at 7:30 and 10:30. Varholy will give away a pair of tickets to a random caller who knows the song of the day right after the 5:20 traffic. If you miss out, wait about twenty minutes and following the 5:40 traffic he’ll go to the phones one more time. If you’re our random caller and go out of your mind on the air with Varholy, you’ll win some tickets.

Check out WXRY on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to win tickets through social media over the weekend to get things started. It’s Blink-182 this Wednesday in North Charleston, from your home for rock and roll public radio… Columbia’s Independent Alternative, WXRY 99.3 FM.