Finally, a reason to turn on your radio again!WXRY is nonprofit, listener-supported radio, live from South Carolina’s Main Street. Operated by the Independent Media Foundation, a 501(c)(3), our mission is to help you discover new music while building an active, vibrant community.  Broadcasting from high atop the historic Barringer Building since 2005, we’ve been able to add two more onair frequencies as well as online and mobile streaming, thanks to the ongoing generosity of of the people and organizations of the Midlands. Visit our How to Listen page for all the ways you can listen to the Soundtrack of Soda City.

Now, it’s true – we are listener-supported, yet we almost never ask for your money. We know that’s a bit confusing. How is WXRY on the air and still able to do that? We decided WXRY will never hold the music hostage over fundraising, or to pester our listeners for their cash. It’s easy to help WXRY stay on the air and we appreciate every dollar you’re able to give. We could not exist without you, our listeners. Thanks for your continued support!
• Support the local businesses and area nonprofits that make WXRY possible! They’re our underwriters (and you could be, too! Check out our 2019 Rate Sheet) and help us stay on the air!
Make a one-time donation, or even set up recurring donations here, or by visiting our Facebook page.
• Attend a station event like the WXRY Music Crawl or those put on by our strategic partners.
Can’t afford to make a donate monetary donation? No problem. Support WXRY just by listening over the air or over the internet, give us a like on Facebook, a follow on Instagram and on Twitter, participate in ticket giveaways, and help spread the word! Like and share our posts, and tell your friends to tune in to the Independent Alternative 99.3FM WXRY.

We started WXRY because we felt it was important for Columbia to have a new type of voice on the radio dial, one that wasn’t beholden to corporate interests, but a voice which instead could truly serve our nonprofit community. Corporate radio comes and goes, but WXRY was built to last – and last we have, coming up on seventeen years in March 2022. If your old favorite radio station has changed, give us a shot. You’ll find the music you love, with local, fun, and even free things to do and see in our city, and hey!  We promise not to abandon you! We’re in the business of making people happy, which means you are the reason we do what we do. Thank you for listening!