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Meet the WXRY staff members that keep the music going. Interested in becoming a volunteer? Shoot an email to

DJ Fig Mix

DJ Fig Mix hosts our Spanish EDM show Latin Heat every Saturday from 9-Midnight. He also handles Spanish language underwriting for the station. Available at your next event, feel free to contact him at or at 803-638-1010.

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Frank Cain

WXRY’s very own Herb Tarlek, Frank Cain is the man when it comes to local direct underwriting. Frank also owns Palmetto Business Systems. Hit him up at or give him a call directly at his cell at 803-553-7716.

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Garrick Turner

Garrick lends his voice to WXRY promos, PSAs and underwriting announcements. He also helps out with underwriting. Garrick works as a salesperson at Pecknel Music. Contact or call him at 803-381-5030.

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Kipp Shives

Kipp joined the WXRY staff in 2015. He wears a couple of hats as Operations Manager including deejaying, development, marketing, promotions and underwriting. Contact him at or at his cell at 803-225-0965.

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Steve Varholy

Varholy is WXRY’s President and General Manager. He also hosts Varholy and the Class every weekday from 3-7. Free tickets to shows and community interviews are regular fare. Contact him at or at his cell 703-585-2101.

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