Win Your Way in with WXRY

Matt and Kim GRAND 10 Year Celebration Tour

See Matt & Kim on their GRAND 10 Year Celebration Tour November 17 – tickets are on sale now at The Senate Columbia in the Vista at Tin Roof Columbia, and you can win your way in with WXRY thanks to AEG Presents!

Winning is easy: Just listen for the Matt & Kim Song of the Day on WXRY at 9:30AM.

Then, tune in for Varholy and the Class. At 5:40PM after traffic, we’ll open the hotline at 803-988-9930 and take callers to tell us the Matt & Kim SOTD title. Get it right and you’re going to the show!

By Jen Bailey Bergen

JBB is the Marketing Director at WXRY 99.3FM, and she's got that big mom energy for daaays. She likes music, schadenfreude, books, One Direction (so underrated), plants, her five rescue dogs, one of her five cats (trust us, she's right), and Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, anything JBB has ever tweeted, retweeted, or may potentially tweet in the future, are solely her own thoughts and/or opinions. Said thoughts and/or opinions are absolutely, for reals, in all seriousness, NOT those of the Independent Media Foundation, WXRY, or any other entity, in perpetuity. She's pretty funny, though.